A Great Tea with a Greater Story




World Integra Tea began when a gift of unique and exceptional Igara black tea was given to Martha Hoffman, president of Call To Care Uganda in Madison, CT.  The philanthropic group works in Uganda, and their Ugandan project director had worked in the tea fields as a boy.  Next, the tea was shared with Connecticut based tea purveyor, PhiI  Parda who has over 40 years of researching tea.  The idea to introduce this amazing tea to North America began to steep, and now it is ready to pour...

Igara Growers Tea Factory Limited is a small holder tea company located at 5,800 feet above sea level in the Bushenyi District of southwest Uganda.  Established in 1969, the factory managed to survive through many tumultuous decades.  Their privatization in 1995 helped the growers lift themselves up.  There are 6,000 tea growers who grow and produce unique and exceptional teas,  and 3,800 are farmer shareholders of the company.  The factory is managed by an annually elected seven member board.

The tea is delicious, and so is this emerging story. 

World Integra Tea's union of Igara Tea and Call To Care Uganda has a twofold mission to introduce this undiscovered tea to North America while simultaneously supporting sustainable humanitarian work in the farmers’ communities.  A development fund is set up to channel some of the funds generated by the sale of the tea back to Call To Care Uganda to help children in Uganda reap the benefits of education, clean drinking water, medical aid and more - - it’s really a win-win-win. Inspiration.  Sustainability.  Social Responsibility.  We're changing lives together...one cup of tea at a time.

World Integra Tea